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About Us

Our firm has been active on the Czech market since 1991 as a restoration studio located in Prague 2 - Vyšehrad, Svobodova Street 138/5. The studio is a descendant of the now defunct state-owned firm Umělecká řemesla (Arts and Crafts), an organisation which under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and in collaboration with the National Institute for the Preservation of National Heritage restored numerous protected cultural monuments such as the National Theatre in Prague, the Rudolphinum, the Czech National Council, the southern wing of Prague Castle, St. Vitus's Cathedral at Prague Castle, the Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul at Vyšehrad, the Stiřín Chateau, the Archbishop's Palace in Hradčany Square, and many other historical buildings. Our Studio specialises in all types of surface restoration works (so-called štafírování) of objects d'art, both antique and modern.

Štafírování - a technique used since Baroque times for comprehensive treatment of wood and stone (furniture, statues, altars) using a base (bole, gypsum, chalk) and an attractive finish (gilding, polychromy, marbling, graining, polishing).

The restorer's sensitive hand returns the objects their original function and shine. We specialise in woodcarving, gilding, polychromy, marbling and graining. We also do complete restorations of antique furniture, armchairs and chaise-longues, both gilded and polished, including re-upholstering.

We restore antique safes (surface treatment - graining) and arrange repairs of mechanical locks.